Thursday, August 7, 2008

Candy cigarettes just like mom used to buy

Just saw a little boy in the park with candy cigarettes. I thought they had banned them for a while. Guess not.

I did end up being a real smoker, but damn those things were sweet. I used to play house with friends and 'light up' a candy cigarette while relaxing after a tea party. It was like one big kiddie sized production of a film from the 60's, complete with Easy-Bake Oven in tow. God, those were the days.


Days of having pretend cancer, while imaging that the Make-A-Wish Foundation would come and make my dream of starring on an episode of Saved By the Bell come true, just like that episode of Saved By the Bell where Zach fakes terminal illness to meet a celebrity, or get famous, or get with Kelly; I forget now.

God, I think I could go for a nice chocolate and/or strawberry bubblegum cigarette right now.

Party Pooper.

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