Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Levi's life lessons learned

Levi's isn't merely a jean manufacturer; they're a gateway to everyday America's coming of age lessons:

Never tell a lie...and have lots and lots of anonymous sexy jeans sex:

Never get changed or flash the goods in front of a blind man hanging out in a men's room:

Value trust in a relationship...and lose your virginity by having lots and lots of underwater sexy jeans sex:

Stone washed jeans are totally worth their price because of the time it takes to get good looking guys to strip in laundromats and wash their one pair of jeans with stones:

Always use protection when having lots of Midwestern farmhand sexy jean overalls sex, even if the condoms come in tin cans:

Pull yourself up by your bootstraps...or by your sexy jeans that magically bring you lots of sexy jeans gay sex:

Wear Levi's jeans. It's the American fucking way.

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