Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Miss Sister 2008: Gross Objectification of Women of the Cloth, or Horribly Inept Viral Marketing Ploy?

Okay, so the prevailing stereotype of nuns is that they're old, mean, and frigid. And yes, maybe my memories of my grade school teacher Sister Imelda cracking knuckles with rulers or my high school teacher Sister Mary Elizabeth taunting students in month long detention sentences didn't exactly buck the trend.

But do we really need an online beauty pageant to remind these devoted servants of God that, um, they're normal, and uh, good looking sexual beings with needs too? (thanks AF =)

While the concept of a "Miss Sister 2008" sounds comically far fetched, the idea of promoting a movie vis-à-vis a fake movie campaign has all but become the tired norm in today's ever self conscious viral society. Though recent examples of fake movie trailers have been successful (i.e. Cloverfield, Tropic Thunder) this faux movie trailer from the upcoming How to Lose Friends and Alienate People is...well, not:

Unlike the hilarious Tropic Thunder trailers, the makers of Teresa: The Making of a Saint are pathetically phoning it in, with that godawful voice over work, cheap casting, and lack of any actual jokes that would have made it even remotely amusing. Hell, there's even an equally useless official website. Worse yet, the premise of a hottie actress playing a Mother Theresa has already been done...on an episode of MADtv 12 years ago.

And no offense to the ever empty hotness that is Megan Fox, but the sexy nun schtick's been done before. A retrospective:

Sophia Loren nun-in' it up in White Sister.

Monica Bellucci as Mary Magdalene in The Passion of the Christ (Granted, she's technically not playing a nun, but she is rocking the hell out of that habit).

Sally Field as the adorably innocuous Flying Nun.

Susan Sarandon in Dead Man Walking (I know she wasn't trying to be hot here, but gosh she's still pretty).

Audrey Hepburn in The Nun's Story.

I think I'll end it here, just out of the most minute concern for the whole burning in hell thing, and not really wanting to attract the sick 'sexy nun' fetishists out there. Now excuse while I await the results of Sister Maria's talent portion of Miss Sister 2008...

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