Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Orangina: Delicious Supporter of Interspecies Lovin'


I'm perfectly cool with using animals to market products whether they be cute and cuddly (if you don't think the Coca Cola polar cubs were adorable you are dead inside) or just plain stupid (anything involving beef jerky and urination) but I can't help but be a little confused by this French advert for Orangina:

Is this one of those attempts at making kid friendly imagery appeal to a broader adult audience?

And by broader audience do they mean adults that enjoy watching animated animals mimicking stripper shower scenes from Flashdance, closeups on thong wearing giraffes, or zebras blowing their massive Orangina loads at the chests of other female animals? The 'golden' color of the Orangina ain't exactly helping either.

Sadly there won't be an American version of this ad, cause some parents might lose their shit over this. Oh look, they already have.

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