Wednesday, August 27, 2008

$ports $perm $ale

I completely understand why parents want the best for their children, but shopping for sports sperm in the hopes of raising a future money train? That's just fucked up.

"When Randy saw that he (the sperm donor) had the same strength and stuff that he had, he immediately was turned on by that and was just so excited as far as what it could bring as far as our children," Christy Rodriguez said about her husband Randy's excitement over an anonymous athlete sperm donor they used to create their children.

Um, am I missing something? But how often do the special talents of some actually translate to their offspring?

Yes, we all know about the miraculous Manning family, but they're the exception, not the rule. Talent isn't necessarily a birth right; there's just too many variables at work for the right situation and the right personality to pan out.


Are we to presume the multitude of Shawn Kemp spawn roaming the earth will one day dominate the NBA? Is Tiger's little Benetton baby going to be kicking Mickelson's son's ass long after Woods passes?

Do the words Frank Sinatra Jr. mean anything to anyone?

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