Thursday, August 28, 2008

Random Thoughts From a Random Guy #14: One Ball, Two Ball, Red State, Blue State


So many generalizations concerning Democrats and Republicans have been made that I feel one more wouldn’t hurt. Democrats are like football and Republicans are like basketball. I will explain the how later on.

Why all sports loving Democrats don’t like football and why all sports loving Republicans don’t love basketball is a mystery to me; but the solving of this puzzle would shed some light on other peculiarities on the political landscape.

When I say Democrats are like football, what I mean is that the entire sport is based on parity. Literally anyone can beat anyone else on any given Sunday, and the sport is designed to be this way. This is why football has salary caps. This is also why the worst teams get the best draft picks.

Republicans are like basketball because though the sport does not encourage inequality, it doesn’t really do anything to discourage it either. A team can narrowly miss the playoffs and still get a good pick because of the draft lottery. Major cities have teams that spend more money than those in smaller markets, and thus can attract higher quality players.

Now how does all this rambling relate to any of the goings on in Washington?

Democrats receive overwhelming support amongst Indian-Americans despite the fact that most Indian-Americans are social conservatives and almost no Democrats are.

The Republicans have courted Indian-Americans for years but the results have been lackluster. So what are Indian-Americans thinking when they walk into the voting booth?

Most Democratic programs seek to improve the disparity in wealth between the wealthiest two percent and everyone else. Most Democratic politicians will talk at length about how the Gini ratio is out of control.

Most poor Southerners would love to see the wealth disparity between them and the top-level executives at most Fortune 500 companies evaporate. So what are most poor Southerners thinking when they walk into the voting booth?

I really do believe if we could understand why in the world people vote Republican and watch football and others vote Democrat and watch basketball we could finally figure out the voting oddities that have been plaguing political strategists for years.
By the way…I bleed pigskin!

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