Friday, August 1, 2008

Rosario Dawson's Gemini Division


It won't launch until a few weeks from now, but NBC's sci-fi web series Gemini Division is generating a quiet anticipatory buzz ('anticipatory buzz' being the blogger form of 'God, we can't wait to hate it').

And while Rosario Dawson's body of work has been a mixed bag of sorts, I can't help but get a strange green-screened-to-death-Dark-Angel-vibe from the trailers and promo spots.

With a projected fifty episodes running five to seven minutes in the tank, and a meticulously calculated commercial product placement integration plan, it's hard to not be skeptical as to how sci-fi will receive it.

It should provide an interesting quandary for the mid day office boredom doldrums: fifty commercial addled segments of Rosario Dawson running in front of a green screen or yet another viewing of the Fifth Element (who knew this would be Chris Tucker's career peak? Betcha Tucker didn't).

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