Friday, August 29, 2008

Sexy Sarah Smile


Wow. Touché, Mr. McCain. Seriously, touché.

I'm pretty sure prior to today most people had no fucking clue who the hell she was, what little political experience she actually has, or that Alaska actually had a female governor, but seriously, wow.

As a feminist, I'm torn by the undying desire to see women achieve as much equal footing as men in all aspects of society and the need to have my right to choose be a part of every woman's life. And having a female Vice President, would be a nice symbolic gesture, simplistically symbolic as it may be.

So nice move, McCain. Hillary's devotees will have more ammunition towards channeling their jaded justice in the voting booth, and I think even on the dumbest, most superficial level, McCain's pretty much locked up the flighty female/horny indifferent middle aged male demographic.

Governor Palin's coquettish Mariska Hargitay/Tina Fey-ishness should sway some voters, and I'm pretty sure our own Mr. Editor-in-Chief SilentButDeadly would probably fuck her (Editor's Note: Sadly I think would).

So let's see:
  • A liberal black man with an awful terrorist-y sounding name who represents change, youthfulness and optimism and a boring balding old white guy for a running mate
  • A boring balding old white guy and a sexy, sassy, conservative white political outsider who represents change, youthfulness and has a vagina for a running mate

Yeah... it won't even be close.

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