Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Straight Talk, Sexy Sarah,...And Baby Makes Three

So Republican Vice Presidential candidate/It Girl Sarah Palin's got a little Juno of her own back in Alaska. But is it really a big deal?

Sure, it goes against the most strident conservative values for an underage girl to get knocked up out of wedlock, but in a recent year defined by the popularity of Pregger Nation (Knocked Up, Juno, The Secret Life of an American Teenager, Jamie Lynn Spears) it almost seems fitting for the It Girl candidate to corner the parents of pregnant teenagers voting market.

Yes, of course it's a double standard, cause we all know if Obama had an underage daughter all preggered out he probably wouldn't have even made it through primary season (A black teenage girl pregnant?! How scandalously stereotypical!), but if it's one thing a large proportion of wholesome White Land, USA darn sure likes, it's pretty pro-choice white ladies with uplifting family stories. (My lord, maybe they can have her wedding in the White House, just like Jenna! How delightful!)

I guess for the next four years, we'll have to get used to the joyous tales of courage as this teenage wife and mother helps provide the youth of America with a wonderful role model to live up to, a teenage girl who chooses to keep her baby, and support her mother, the first woman to ever be thisclose to being leader of the free world.

I see your Village, Hillary, and I raise you an Alaskan village. Checkmate, you whiner:

Hey, we put up with Chelsea didn't we? And it's not the like the Bush girls were as fun as they could have been. Maybe a little Jamie Lynn Spears action in the White House would spruce things up. Everything's going to shit anyway, so we might as well have fun right?

Besides, she's already responsible for the creation of VPILF. (Definitely beats that unsexy PUMA) How could we possibly not elect her?

As the mad rush for Sarah Palin info/pics/vids created a flurry for Sexy Sarah content, here's the Governor/Sexy Beast on the Late Late Show last year, imploring Craig Ferguson to put his honorary Alaskan citizenship to use, as well as note her "naughty librarian vibe" :

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