Thursday, September 11, 2008

Love Actually... Just With More F**king

One of the year's best dumbest movie titles (sorry Donkey Punch) Young People Fucking is a Canadian indie that sets you up for a nice, romantic evening, and leaves you walking the walk of shame with regret.

Director Martin Gero attempts to provide a discourse for the ongoing struggle to understand the complexities and inadequacies of sex with or without love, but undermines any semblance of depth with its sporadic sitcom pacing and inability to rise above predictable archetype.

Young People Fucking examines five different pairings of twenty-somethings on the verge of coitus and their respective aftermaths, with very mixed results. While the "Couple," "Best Friends," and "Exes" storylines make an admirable attempt at addressing the struggle to separate physical and emotional intimacy, their weight are immediately undermined by the mind numbing ineptitude of the the "Roommates" and "First Date" storylines; overt attempts at raunchy humor that play out like cutting room floor edits from the Dane Cook filmography.

Gero's attempts to make an earnest raunchy adult romcom is a case study of oversimplification. It's neither romantic or endearing enough to rope in the Love Actually crowd, nor funny or raunchy enough to appeal to the American Pie demographic. Fucking doesn't actually have much fucking in it, but it's attempts at mature adult dialogue are consistently undercut by its stupifying chapter framing (i.e. "I.-Foreplay, IV.- Orgasm") and its overreliance on hokey one-offs (a constant argument over crappy music choices during sex) becomes tiresome.

While Young People Fucking boasts a nice array of attractive relative unknowns (aside from Popular's Carly Pope and Guess model Diora Baird) it would have been better served finding an identity and sticking to it. If it's going to be serious, keep the gravity all the way through; if it was going to be comedic, push it to its prurient extremes. Instead, we're stuck with caricatures fucking talking about fucking, leaving the viewer the only one who's really been fucked.

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