Thursday, September 25, 2008

Melody Gardot Makes Smiling Easy

Feel good inspirational stories don't work within the cynical world of snarky, sarcastic, self-absorbed bloggers. Nor do they have any business being even remotely within the same hemisphere of pretentious music criticism.

That being said, I like Melody Gardot. Not because she's cute (which she is), because her music's soothing and maybe better than expected (which it is), or because her "handicap story" has become a bigger selling point of reference than any of the aforementioned (which is the unavoidable angle all journalists have to touch on).

I like her because she is what she is. Not pop's Norah Jones, nor some quirky urban dweller pining for the days of yore in a basement of a dilapidated jazz club churning out Holiday and Simone retreads.

She is what she is. And we're all the better for it (Oh and she's cute, but I mean that in a purely respectful non-handicap-fetish-kind-of-way).

On Jools Holland:

Local Philly TV (with awkward "inspirational intro"):

Her grandmother's advice on how to win a man's heart by downing a McVittle cookie in one bite:


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