Monday, September 8, 2008

Rachel Maddow makes me wish I didn't have a boyfriend


I love Rachel Maddow. Not in a strictly platonic, love her work as a professional and what she stands for as an activist, a woman, a lesbian, and an American kind of way (which I really do).

I love her.

Love her like holy moses, let's never leave this bed and breakfast because I wanna make sweet sweet lady love with your inescapably boyishly cute and pretty self while you regale me with biting humor and political commentary that make my lady bits go a tizy kind of love.


Oh yeah, and I really love her professional work on radio, online, and pretty much anywhere else. Plus, I totally wanna bang her.

Her new MSNBC show premieres tonight and my boyfriend is out of town (yay). I think you know what I'm doing um, watching tonight:

Yay, yay...mmmmmmmmmdamncrazyconservativesohhhhhh... yay. =)

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