Thursday, September 11, 2008

Spore: the Sims' 'F U' to Creationism

I went through a period just like everybody when playing SimCity and the Sims was actually kinda fun. Creating people and places, playing out versions of yourself and your friends, living ridicuous fantasies vicariously through pixelated reality porn- good wholesome fun.

Yet Sims creator Will Wright's latest addition to his virtual reality pantheon is well...kinda fucking lame. Unlike the reality based worlds of his aforementioned uber-successes, Spore looks like a tame, cartoonish waste of technological innovation and a great idea.

In a world where we can essentially play and do almost anything we want virtually, why take an innovative idea like creating your own world and life forms and limit it to garish alien cartoons? Wouldn't the idea of "playing evolution" all the way up to people be a more engaging idea?

Think of the possibilities of tying it into educational programs, history, Sims adaptations, and new strains of pixelated porn ($100 bucks says pre-historic porn will be a new fetish by the end of the year). Wake me up when I can play with the decrepit ancestor of Strom Thurmond.

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