Friday, September 5, 2008

Straight Talk Subliminally Seduces 30 Rock Fans with Sexy Sarah's Fey-ishness


I know we've all but exhausted the allure and unmistakable Tina Fey-like appearance of Sexy Sarah Palin (who here hasn't photoshopped Tina Fey's head onto a gun toting bikini model?), but it does play into my half baked theory of conservative passive aggression.

Could McCain be using All-American lipstick wearing pitbull hockey mom hottie Sexy Sarah to subliminally appeal to Fey fanatics who may have previously joined her on the Hillary highway?

While she may have famously endorsed Clinton for comedic effect on SNL, Fey also revealed a funny, yet sad truth about some liberals claiming to vote for Obama, but secretly voting for McCain:

With the Gossip whores making a cameo, could a Sexy Sarah Palin 30 Rock appearance be off in the distance?

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