Thursday, October 2, 2008

Buck 65 music in a trailer almost makes me want to watch a bad Robert De Niro movie

I like Robert De Niro. I really, really do. But holy crap have some of his recent pictures been painful, and this little Hollywood insider comedy What Just Happened plays like just another retread of countless other horrible back lot Hollywood comedies.


...a Hollywood exec dealing with a divorce, a prima donna movie star, Catherine Keener as an exec threatening to "re-cut the movie herself"; I think I liked it better when it was called S1m0ne.

Oh, Mr. De Niro and Pacino, how we hate to love to hate your awful films.

And no, no one should ever be forced to see you making the lovin' with a Carla Gugino half your age, no matter how Righteous a Kill it may be (shudder, eyes burning from traumatic memory).

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