Sunday, October 26, 2008

Don Draper still a disappointingly unfunny way


SMFIH readers know of my undying love for the nostalgic melodrama that is Mad Men, and of my customary unbreakable bromance with the dashing deity that is Don Draper/Jon Hamm.

So, on the rarest of occasions, I decided to forgo my usual drunken disheveled debauchery in favor of a nice, wholesome seat in front of the tube, in hopes of the seeing Hamm in all his sexy (though strictly platonically heterosexual) goodness on Saturday Night Live:

With cutie Elizabeth Moss (Whoo!), dapper John Slattery (Yippee!), Will Forte doing a fairly decent Pete Campbell / Vincent Kartheiser impersonation (Yay?), and a shitty retread of crappy skit overkill about the annoying "Assholes" in a wasted Mad Men skit that had so much potential? Ugh.

A "How to Pick Up Women Guide" by Don Draper. Yes. Hands down definitely the best part of the whole episode.

Ha. Butt and finger jokes. Ha. I think the eight year-old inside of me just shot myself in the face then rose from the dead and sodomized my skull with the television screen for even thinking about asking someone to pull my finger.

Oh and he did a pretty awesome James Mason (wasted in another shitty sketch), a decent JFK impersonation (again, wasted), a play on his name (Jon Hamm's John Ham for ham in the john. Get it? Ha ha, ugh) and Coldplay filled the void of shitty sketch writing with setting the record for most musical performances on an episode of SNL (this is probably not true, not that it matters).

My liver weeps for the damage it expects to suffer every Saturday. My eyes stab my brain out of revenge.

The End.

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