Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Famke Janssen's Puppy Love

One of my first roommates straight out of college was this sweet lady Carol from Seattle who was just completely obsessed with her dog. Crazy obsessed. She'd missed parties and holiday family functions and flaked out on dates I'd set her up on just cause she was always concerned about her little French bulldog Sammy.

Sammy was an asshole. A fat, ugly, pampered, farty asshole. Even after she moved out to Portland I never understood why she was letting that little dog consume her life. Especially such a shitty dog like Sammy. But seeing this video with Famke Janssen made me think of her:

Wherever you are Carol, I hope you're doing well. As for Sammy- fuck you for pissing on my grandma's quilt. I love dogs.

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