Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Filth and Wisdom

I love Eugene Hütz. Love him as a frontman for Gogol Bordello, as a DJ at the Bulgarian Bar, and even as Alex in Everything is Illuminated. He's eccentric, funny, opinionated, and all around Gypsy punk awesome.

Which is why it pains me to temper my expectations for his leading turn in the upcoming Filth and Wisdom. Not because I doubt his ability to carry a film (which I don't) or am put off by the subject matter (an aspiring rock star Gypsy punk dominatrix? I'm in). But the fact that it's directed Madonna is a fact that can't be overlooked.


I'm not a hater (though I can't help but spontaneously burst into laughter whenever I see her awkward dancing on the "4 Minutes" video) but one can't help but look at Filth and Wisdom and not get a strange, dated Sex Madonna circa 1992 vibe. And in a post-John Cameron Mitchell world, can Madonna really shock anyone anymore?

Well, maybe some people.

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