Friday, October 3, 2008

Jean Reno: Golden Japanese Ad Sex God


Jean Reno has been a perpetually unassuming presence in the lives of American moviegoers for decades. He's our go-to-French villain/French alcoholic/French weapons expert/token French guy in seemingly any American production that needs a French guy (unless of course Kevin Kline is available, cause he's way more French than a real French guy like Reno could ever be).

Yet amidst our somewhat understated need for his Frenchiness, we've inexplicably overlooked his commercial appeal and irrepressible ability to make anything seem alluring.


Thankfully, the Japanese have explored and exploited the great Reno's commercial viability for our viewing pleasure:

Soy sauce and salad dressing never looked so sweet...and dangerous (in a French way).

Only Reno could make a Toyota Alphard seem cool...

Sweat, coffee in a can, pearl diving, and more of Jean Reno's japanese ad-tastic goodness awaits on the surprisingly life affirming

And a special bonus: a Reno ad (in English!):

You're welcome.

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