Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Man Junk teaches men how to clean their...you know

Finally, a product for the man in your life who just can't seem to keep his ahem, junk clean...

In a world full of generic body washes, Man Junk Intimate Wash stands out. Made by men for men, our unique formula addresses the specific needs of the male anatomy. Cleansing, refreshing, and one hell of a confidence booster - what are you waiting for? (Via)

A special soap for that area is kinda ridiculous, but in my experience, for some men it couldn't hurt to be be extra cautious about maintenance down there- am I right my ladies? (crickets on stage) We don't want no funky junk, am I right? (awkward high five left hanging in the air) Hello? Is this on? (flashing red stage light)

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