Wednesday, October 29, 2008

MTV Music finally gives us what we want...after YouTube, Yahoo, and most of the Internet beat them to it

Apparently if you ever wondered, "Where will I get my MTV music videos with TRL gone, MTV2 a 24 hour Rob & Big marathon, and every other MTV network seemingly rerunning Sex...with Mom and Dad ad nauseam?" The answer is MTV MUSIC.

Like Hulu, but for music videos. Here, the first videos I felt compelled to view while ignoring my office Outlook:

I have no idea why the monkey had to be shocked, and I vaguely remember a Pop Up video version of this, but for some reason whenever I think of Peter Gabriel, the first thing I think of is "Shock the Monkey." Yes, "Sledgehammer" is cooler, but whatever. I like monkeys. (Curious George is gold)

I loved this song when I was a little kid and when I found out what it was about, I still didn't really get it. (I was a slow kid, so sue me) Anyway, "bopping" is probably the cutest euphemism I've heard for solo love.

I had an aunt that used to cry every time this video came on, just because she dated some guy who did some studio production or something on the song. And no matter how sad it really seemed to make her feel, she'd refuse to change the channel when she was babysitting us and forced us to sit through it over and over. Now whenever I hear this song I get all anxious and uncomfortable. Incidentally, she requested this song at her wedding. The psycho.

My mom used to have a friend named Faye at work who would sometimes come by the house and bring her daughter Luanna to play with me. Luanna was sorta okay (though she did break my Duck Hunt shooter once, that bitch) but Faye would always be yelling about her boyfriend, or ex-husband, or some other guy every time she was over. Which was annoying. Because she came over a lot. Anyway, once while I was trying to sneak a cookie from the kitchen while the grown ups were in the living room, Faye barged in before I could get to the cupboard.

"You know whose responsible for making the world such a sad, shit place, Connie?"

"No." (Please I just want a cookie)

"Men. They're all just useless, awful malevolent creatures that suck out all of our goodness. Did you know that, Connie?"

"No." (I'm so close to crying it's not even funny)

"Don't be like me, Connie. Be better than me. Don't waste your time with men. They'll only lie to you and then trick you into falling for their lies again. You understand?"


"Okay. Wash up, I think your mom said you shouldn't ruin your appetite for dinner."


I dated a guy who was in a Radiohead cover band. They sucked ass. But boy, did his mom make some awesome cookies.

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