Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Perception is a everything in a Scotch Egg


Scotch eggs: Delicious little guilty pleasure of hard boiled egg encased inside fresh sausage meat, rolled in crispy tasty breadcrumbs and fried with a perfect precision balancing a moist, crisp texture accentuating the flavors in your mouth.

Best served by a professional Scot who knows his way in the kitchen, and the bedroom.


Scotch egg (on a stick): Gut guilty pleasure of a hard boiled egg chilled then shoved into the crevice of sausage mystery meat, drowned in a cavalcade of curmudgeonly contorted crumbs and dropped into a fryer till an odor resembling an abandoned elementary school cafeteria begins to drown out one's senses and incapacitates the ability to distinguish tastes and smells.


Best served with an assortment of whatever sauces happen to be on hand to provide some semblance of taste to mask the burned oil flavor and best served by a professional Scot, who knows how to keep the beer tap flowing and the evil depression demons from leaving your empty beer mug and entering your tear ducts on a lonely Saturday night.


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