Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Thrilla from that place that rhymes with "illa" (Not Wasilla, sadly)

I'm far from being a person of even remotely passable ethnic pride (as I've noted time and again), but it is sort of interesting to see my fellow island peeps getting some stateside visibility about something other than a fucking shoe lady or terrorist attacks.

That Manny Pacquiao happens to be widely regarded as the best pound for pound fighter today is pretty sweet. The fact that it's in a sport that's all but lost any semblance of mainstream respect or its once golden luster; not so much.

Below is an extended round table conversation about Pacquiao:

It's always fun when us Americans talk about some islands and some people from some weird places we've never heard of with a kind of muted, blind reverence- "He's like the Elvis/Beatles/Muhammad Ali of the [enter strange foreign land place here]!" Does that make Osama the New Kids on the Block of terrorists? Donnie Wahlberg would be so proud.

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