Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Amy Poehler is going to be the bestest greatest mother in the history of mankind

Okay so I'm biased.

Maybe cause I love me some Gob Bluth action.

Maybe cause as a student of the UCB School of All Things Funny and Awesome (as another member of the SMFIH staff is) I've been forced to swear allegiance to her.

Or maybe just cause her new online series for kids The Smart Girls At The Party is pretty much the best reason I've recently found to actually go through with the whole getting preggers and having a little girl of your own thing, just for the sake of being able to get my own little lady to watch this:

I could probably just get my little nieces to watch this with me. Yeah, second thoughts on the whole getting preggers thing. Oooo, presented by Barbie! Yay! Stretch marks? No yay.

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