Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bush endears himself to white folks who kinda liked that one Wyclef song with the Bee Gees sample

"John Forté, grab the mic, sway this way..."

Don't front like you didn't know that lyric, or felt the insatiable need to bust a (albeit awkward) move while shamefully proclaiming how you'd like to be "...eatin' mangos in Trinidad wit attorneys..."

John Forté has been gone, but not forgotten, and has surprisingly been pardoned by George W. Bush. Maybe the efforts of Carly Simon and her son Ben Taylor (offspring of James) helped sway El Presidente, or maybe he secretly loved the shit out of Poly Sci (yeah, no).

Either way, in honor of the man's return to civilization, here's his most famous contribution to the mainstream, vis-à-vis the great '90s hallmark of shamelessly recognizable samples:

Oh and without him, my precocious then-fifteen year-old mind would have never had heard of liquid cocaine. Which kinda sounded cool. Minus the whole getting arrested and imprisoned part.

Welcome back, Mr. Forte. As for you Ms. Hill...

Come back (to earth) please?

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