Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pot Psychology makes the pain go away

What's a good way to spend your otherwise joyless night? Watching Pot Psychology, of course!

Jezebel's weekly Q&A session features two of my all time favorite bloggers, Rich from FourFour and Tracie from OneDataTime, answering viewers' questions while pleasantly captivated by everyone's favorite herbal pastime.

If SMFIH had a weekly show like this it would feature Mister MacGuffin barely tolerating everything, all your pink are belong to us being generally awesome (inner blog love, people), I would contribute fun and awkward rambling monologues that include long pauses and endlessly repeated phrases, The Brown Cary Grant would be hardly controlling his hatred, and most importantly it wouldn't be nearly as entertaining as Pot Psychology (Editor's Note: But it would be more psychologically violent. So we have that going for us).

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