Monday, November 24, 2008

Nintendo DS teaches world how to cook, begins cute plans for world domination

The world around us is stalled and slowly crumbling with a seemingly insurmountable economic downturn. People are losing their jobs. Children are quickly losing their childhoods. Everything's becoming consumed by itself with little hope for growth and renewal.

Looks like a perfect time to...COOK!

Yes, the holidays are upon us and we're all broke and we're all sad and we're all nowhere near close to being able to afford the shame based materialistic culture we've all grown up in and love, so why not indulge ourselves in a little cutesy of a video game that isn't just fun, or educational, but really tasty all at the same time?

Enter the Personal Trainer: Cooking for the Nintendo DS, a colorful gobble of good that comes in the form of an interactive video game/tutorial that helps us pathetic excuses for foodies concoct some culinary creations of our own. The game's got over 245+ recipes to learn, and uses video and voice tutorials to help our fellow klutzy kitchen brethren.

It's got personal in-game shopping lists that can make shopping fun (well, at least as fun as grocery shopping can be), a hands free cooking feature (so you don't get your little cousin's DS covered in olive oil) and a calorie count for every recipe (see fatties? even you too!).


Best yet, it's only retailing for $19.99. $19.99! Just twenty bucks (not counting the evil taxes) for hours and hours of tasty fun!

(Note: I am not a corporate schill or plant for Nintendo, but just really like cooking even though I suck at it. Oh, and cooking makes the crying go way. So, yeah.)


So go run out there and get your cook on. Yay!

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