Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Open Letter to Republicans

Dear Republicans,

I just have one thing to say and I hope you can take the time to sit down and listen to me.

For eight years I had to deal with this hot mess:

I repeatedly had to deal with my vote not counting, with my vote being cast aside because you honestly believed that this guy was going to be great, and now I ask you, no.. I BEG you to take one for the team.

Please for my sanity and citizenship, let me get this one. Just put all your stuff aside and give me this one as an early Christmas present. I promise you I won't bring up any of the stupid stuff Bush said or did in the last eight years. I promise I'll even make myself forget all the things that have happened and just look forward. Just please, dear folks, please let ME HAVE THIS ONE!

I honestly don't think I can handle four or eight years of this:

While I hate to be closely resembling a stupidly overused SNL skit, I must repeat what I've asked of you. Please take one for the team that is America and let us have this one.

Yours Truly,
La Dame

P.S.: If you need a reminder as to why I want you to take one for the team just take a look at this and you'll be reminded.

edit: ...Thank You.

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