Thursday, November 6, 2008

Prop 8 hate


Amid all the Obama hullabaloo that's swept up with people, it seems lots of people are forgetting that California's Proposition 8 just got passed, meaning all those happy, joyous photos of Ellen and Portia celebrating their love are once again tarnished by the cloud of ignorance that continues to prevail in a country where we're just so close, yet so far.

I'm not trying to come off as some bleeding heart liberal who wants hippies to rule the world, and I understand why conservatives fear the prospect of seeing people of the same sex wanting to take part in a time honored tradition that they've brought up to preserve and uphold. But that's just it; have we, straight people actually done much to make marriage that holy and sanctified union it's supposed to be?

Divorce rates are up, studies are showing more and more people taking time before they get married. In many respects, the survival of this sacred institution isn't being desecrated by these same sex unions; they're maintaining it's survival.

Sure, we all know some people thinking about marriage, having kids, doing their nuclear family thing, but how many today really consider it a necessity? For such a time honored tradition to be so routinely dismissed by those of us heterosexuals, it's a wonder why homosexuals would want to have anything to do with the so-called horror that is marriage.

Yet there in lies the rub- protectors of the past and of tradition fear change (obviously) but in the long time, is it possible that they're dismissing the one possible sector of society that still believes in its symbolism?

We have a president of color. The President of the United States is a person of color. A nation that once thrived on the basis on enslaving people of color is now led by one. And as powerful and potent a message that sends to future generations of Americans, in 2008, we're still a long way away from understanding.

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