Monday, December 8, 2008

Mayne Street reminds us of why we like Kenny Mayne so much we bought his horrible book

After his less than stellar foray into the world of publishing, it was hard not to be a little pessimistic about a ESPN sponsored online comedy series. Thankfully, Kenny Mayne reminds us why we love him:

A mix of Bill Murray's elder statesman delivery and Curb Your Enthusiasm's absurdist reality, Mayne Street is surprisingly effective and funny, without being a constant corporate schill we all feared it might be. Oh, and local UCBers, comics and all around purveyors of comedic goodness Alison Becker, Jon Glaser, Aubrey Plaza, Ben Schwartz, Jordan Carlos, Seth Herzog, and more pop up.

And anyone who can pull off a Yaphet Kotto reference is a-okay in my book.


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