Monday, December 1, 2008

Oye Fey


I might have been a little slow to warm to 30 Rock (cause I'm skeptical of any show that's universally crowned as the greatest thing since sliced banana nut bread), but I've really grown to love the show (after a certain editor forced me to spend a week catching up on Seasons 1&2) and little Ms. Fey is thisclose to being my new lovely lady crush (don't worry Maddow baby, you're still my number one).

That said, I'm not ready to put it in Larry Sanders/Arrested Development/Office UK territory, and I can't help but sort of agree with some of the points made by The New Yorker's haterade. And as a card carrying feminist, it was hard for me to endure Fey's seemingly endless imitation parade of the Sexy One.

Now, in anticipation of my beloved editor-in-chief's scorn for even remotely critiquing his comedy cutie crush, here's a little Tina Fey getting her sexy on in the new issue of Vanity Fair, (OMG, she totally got slashed in face when she was five) as well as a few pics of her from the past that I couldn't resist mixing in:

Hey Mister, you're welcome. Oh, and sorry. (No, I'm not.)

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