Thursday, December 25, 2008

Things to Do Other Than Kill Yourself: Christmas Edition

Normally there would be a nice list of films, live performances, charitable events and other alcohol induced suggestions to get you through the misery that can be the holidays.

But as many of us know full well, it's been a rough year folks, and in preparation for the onslaught of lists that will litter the remaining days of SMFIH's '08, I've decided to scale back this day and just focus on the positive (gasp!) or at least what passes for seemingly positive in my book.

So in a drastic break from our normally 'dark snark' programming, some lightness:

Cute French kid: If I live to see the day of possibly fathering offspring, I will totally have that kid learn French right out of the womb. Those of you who think I'm being unpatriotic or don't think this kid is adorable should go end it all. Right now.

Christmas karaoke: This isn't necessarily sweet or funny, but probably more borderline mean spirited. Yet for those of us tomorrow venturing forth into the world of ESL karaoke lovers, you feel me. Ugh.

This old Batman panel:
Pretty self-explanatory

The Barefoot Contessa: Humphrey Bogart, a still-married-to-Sinatra Ava Gardner at the height of her powers...and free on Hulu for a few more days. Yes, please.


Hope: The sky is falling, as seemingly everyone's losing their jobs, their faith, their shit. And it's hard to avoid debates about personal politics when the specter of style over substance (or washboard abs over grizzled seniority) enters the public discourse. But now more than ever in recent history, has the idea of change been so tangible and ever so necessary.

Bert and Ernie "Ante Up": It's pure joy like this that makes the Internet completely worth it.

Life didn't get any much easier this year, and in light of the harrowing state of possibility and stability, this life-long pessimist will end (just this once) on a hopeful note. Drink, be merry. You've earned it.

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