Monday, December 22, 2008

Thou shall not be a middle aged Florida woman who has pre-marital sex or Jesus will totally hate you for it


Now I know all the naysayers and true blue believers will say, "Oh she's just trying to get attention and intentionally defaming the Good Word" and usually I'd err on the side of caution, but what exactly would she have to gain from this? Of course no one wants their personal sins aired out in public, but what the hell is this Christ approved punishment supposed to actually do?

"Okay people, don't forget: God will hate you if you don't do your naughty business within the confines of marriage, even if you're lonely and 49 years old and supposedly mature enough to make adult decisions."

In other words.... this is okay because it was done while married:

But this one, not so much?:

As a person who usually defends the spirit, sentiment and sense of community religion provides it's hard not to say, "WTF people?! WTF?!"

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