Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Ugly Truth continues Katherine Heigl's ascent to the forefront of the feminist movement


Like OMG, men are like such pigs like you know? I mean seriously, like all they really think about is sports, sex, video games, and beer, you know? Like men only use the brain in their pants and-

OOOooo is that Gerard Butler? OMG! He is soooo sooo hot. OMG, I totally loved him in P.S. I Love You. God he's such a hottie. And Katherine Heigl! OMG, I really, really love her on Grey's Anatomy, and Knocked Up, and 27 Dresses! OMG, 27 Dresses was just so sweet! She's like so pretty, and so strong willed, and she's totally representing for all us independent ladies, you know?

God this movie The Ugly Truth just looks so...OMG:

Kill. Me. Now.

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