Monday, January 12, 2009

Kate Winslet is so awesome she needs to stop


Dear Kate Winslet,

I love you in all the ways a girl that so badly wanted to be you in Titanic could possibly be. You're one of my most favorite actresses, made me a sucker for your "I used to a chubby ugly duckling"-schtick and make being a girly girl great in all the ways Sex and the City has not. I love you for being as fun, interesting and likeable as Gwyneth is completely the opposite of bearable.

I actually went and ran out to see you in all your usual nekkidness in The Reader, which was pretty good.

And I erupted in rapturious exultation upon hearing one of my favorite books Revolutionary Road was being made into a film with you and the Candy that is DiCaprio, fulfilling my 11+ year desire to see you two all growns up and testing out that romantic dynamic in thirty-something suburban decrepitude.

You are a great actress. But please, please, please...don't go all Sally Field-y on us.

A long, drawn out weepy on the first award is fine, but after the second 'unexpected award,' please have the politeness to share some of that shine time for others, please? I love you too much to have to hate you that much.

Thank you,
The End

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