Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Kurt Kuenne's shorts of sugary goodness

I may have been behind the buzz on this, but filmmaker Kurt Kuenne's work is a bandwagon worth jumping on. Director of arguably the most gut wrenching documentary of the past year, Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father, he's also well known for his award winning short films that usually involve fables of magic, love and inspiration, or pretty much the sorts of things that usually have no place on a blog of suffering, snark, and sadness.

For those of us who only discovered him through the harrowing horror that is Dear Zachary, his delightful (yes I used the word delightful in a non-sarcastic manner) short films reflect a hopeful desire to find a slip of sugar in the sour, a warm bit of Capra in the cold. Sometimes a break in the snark is just what the soul needs:

Validation. Kuenne's most popular short about the magical power of free parking:

Rent-A-Person. A comedy about a restroom attendant who revolutionizes rush hour traffic:

Slow. A saccharine mediation on slowing down:

0 painful displays of affection:

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