Saturday, February 21, 2009

John Lennon talks about changing the world with a laptop in the 70s. Wait what?

I'm all for helping close up the digital divide that continues to expand socioeconomically on a global level, but something about the idea of using an old video of a long deceased beloved cultural icon with an obvious impersonator's voice over is kind of, well, unsettling.

It's message and heart is in the right place, and legally Yoko Ono may have total domain over all of Lennon's likenesses, but the idea of using his image with an impersonator who sounds more like Ringo with a head cold kind of opens the door for future well intentioned awfulness. Maybe it would have been more effective to use actual clips of Lennon speaking or the always reliable using-cute-children-to-share-a-famous-message-spiel...

...or um, not.

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