Friday, March 6, 2009

Kogi Korean BBQ taco truck makes me succumb to the Twitter monster

I've never been the biggest fan of fusion cuisine. It's not that I've got anything against being all creative and innovative with food, it's just that oftentimes this so-called "fusion food" falls short of the some of its parts, combining interesting elements and ingredients, but failing to create a real unique flavor and texture representing its different components. And way too often people attempt fusion without making sure they're actually good at making the simple dishes they're supposedly inspired by.

Now in comes Kogi Korean BBQ. Korean BBQ in a taco?

As a lover of the many great Mexican food trucks that populate the LA area, I gotta admit I was reluctant at first, because the hype of a bunch of people at night waiting in line can be a bit overblown. Hyped bullshit is still, well, bullshit.

But once you take that first bite into their Korean short ribs taco, that cilantro and chili-soy vinaigrette immersing your mouth and body with more love and joy than your godforsaken boyfriend has in's a sweet and savory flavor that just makes a gal violently curse that seven month old case of Nutri-Grain bars rotting in your backseat.

Their tofu, bbq chicken, spicy pork, and even the unexpectedly good kimchi quesadilla makes the long line waits worth it. Join the hype. Your mouth will thank you.

And no, I'm not ashamed that the only reason I finally joined Twitter was to get Kogi truck location updates (Well, maybe a little).

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