Monday, March 23, 2009

Tommy Wiseau's The Room takes over New York

I've already expounded on my undying love for the inexplicable awesomeness of The Room, but last Friday night's midnight screening(s) extravaganza was a comedy geekgasm galore.

Introduction by David Wain! Tommy Wiseau's wonderfully somewhat incoherent recitation of Shakespeare's Sonnet 116! More plastic spoons, plastic footballs, confetti and fun shouting at a movie screen than I ever thought was possible!

If (or when) a screening of The Room pops up in your area, don't be an asshole- GO. Your soul will thank you (and DVD just doesn't do it justice; a multitude of jokes just don't appear until seen on the big screen- I never noticed Lisa's crazy alien neck thing!)

For more on The Room in NYC go here and here (and to see a tiny still semblance of yours truly and Lady A among the sold out huddled masses yearning to find the meaning of blind love, look for us here).

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