Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tom Brokaw keeps cool with Colbert


My alma mater gets Tom Brokaw as their commencement speaker, and he naturally drops in a special note from Stephen Colbert to keep it gully and keep it fresh with the kids.

The last few years the kids get Charlie Rose, Tom Brokaw, and a free performance from U2. Four years of expensive ass education and all I got was a speech from a then-soon-to-be-fired Mets manager Willie Randolph (over a customary chorus of boos cause um, we were in the Bronx, which is uh, Yankee country), just because his daughter happened to be graduating with us. And I'm actually a Met fan. Ugh.

College. It's what's setting the table for a lifetime of disappointment that's what's for dinner.

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