Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Craiglist Missed Connection

A friend of mine back in college used to say he only dated "online chicks" or women whose social networking site profiles had access to. He'd study their profiles, meticulously figure out what would catch their eye, then "accidentally" bump into them on the way to class. Somehow it worked. At least EIGHT TIMES.

I struck up a conversation with a woman at a party recently who talked about how she'd never found that one true love. Except once...on a Craigslist Missed Connections page. She was sitting in a train. He was in a form fitting three piece suit and smiled at her. They shared a "moment." Then he picked up his briefcase reluctantly (her words) and walked out, then paused for a second to turn around and gaze at her longingly as the train doors closed on his face. Then that night as she religiously (and inexplicably) did, she scoured the Missed Connections pages and found:

"On train tonight. You smiled at me. I was in a suit. You in a dress. I felt something. Hope you did too."

No actual description of the train line, or the time, or the place just that. But she knew it was him and never actually saw him ever again. Yet that was true love.

And that is why people are assholes. Fin.

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