Monday, July 20, 2009

Project Runway finally bridges the gap between self absorbed fashionistas and lovers of battered middle aged housewives

After the fairly impotent past few seasons of our once adored (now mostly non-plussed) Pro Run, Das Klum, the Gunn and Co. return with this... pretty much the exact same show it's always been except now in Los Angeles, with the same cavalcade of fashion icons/US Weekly cover of the week judges (there's hope for you yet, Kate Gosselin!), and now with the added bonus of seeing the 'show within the show', watching the runway models, to paraphrase Das Klum,"Walk the walk and actually see if they're capable of human speech, er, talk!"

To wit:
  • Project Runway is back
  • It's in LA
  • Lindsay Lohan maybe has better judgment with fashion than she does with choosing scripts?
  • ProRun's Models of the Runway finally reveals an original show about models being the horrible human beings we've always hoped them to be... for the rare breed of fashion reality show fan who somehow has never heard of America's Next Top Model
  • Viewers will no longer be saddled with the arduous task of pressing a button to change the channel from their beloved Reba marathon
  • Das Klum is having another kid? Seal FTW

And America wins. I think.

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