Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Andy Griffith reminds us pimping ain't easy in Play the Game

After his charming turn in the sweet and surprisingly pleasing Waitress, everyone's favorite go-to-use of the phrase "living legend" Andy Griffith returns in Play the Game, a film that looks about as enjoyable as hearing your grandpa's story about the Vietcong for the thirtieth time over Sunday brunch but it's still sweet and nice to hear about violence and brutality over mimosas and eggs benedict because grandpa is adorable even though he doesn't remember your name anymore and keeps looking at you suspiciously and muttering "bastard" under his breath but it's all good because we all love grandpa.

Either way, it's nice to see the always charming Griffith still getting work along side Doris Roberts and Liz Sheridan (ageism be damned). And maybe you'll finally have something to do with grandpa or grammy other than sitting on the deck and lying about your so-called journalism career.

Editor's Note: We know it's been somewhat all quiet on the SMFIH front as of late, as yours truly and some of the staff have been busy trying to juggle the difficult task of both failing personally, professionally, and socially while also consistently bringing you the clusterfuck of culture you desire (or randomly stumble upon never to read again). For those of you still with us, thank you, and to newbies, we'll be back with new pieces to ogle and wantonly discard so please stay tuned and remember:

Jesus, man.

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